Get set up in minutes on our easy-to-use, web-based system and save time and money.  Choose a safe and secure system you can trust.  Message clients via our mobile app using our HIPAA-compliant platform.  Notify your clients of court dates, curfews, and appointments directly through their smartphone.

Video Add-on

Free through September 2020*
$5/client per month
  • Initiate video chats from within the Reconnect Manager interface
  • 100% HIPAA-compliant and encrypted
  • Calls are automatically recorded
  • Recordings are available for the case manager after the call.
  • View the location where your participant is during the call.
  • *Up to 1,000 free video calls between now and September 30, 2020.

Track Add-on

$1/client per day
  • 24/7 location tracking
  • Custom inclusion and exclusion zones
  • Notifications to officer on violation
  • No hardware needed: tracking uses the client’s smartphone with regular biometric check-ins

Pricing is based on the number of participants active in your program during a given month. The Track feature can be activated on a per-participant basis, and does not need to be active for all participants.

Volume Pricing for Reconnect Complete Based on Program Size

30 Participants: $9.90/mo 500 Participants: $5.68/mo 2,000 Participants: $3.60/mo
50 Participants: $9.14/mo 750 Participants: $5.07/mo 3,000 Participants: $3.00/mo
100 Participants: $8.10/mo 1,000 Participants: $4.64/mo 4,000 Participants: $2.56/mo
250 Participants: $6.72/mo 1,500 Participants: $4.04/mo 5,000 Participants: $2.23/mo

Exact pricing is calculated every month based on the number of active participants during that month