We work with programs nationwide to build re-entry and rehabilitation solutions for their communities.  From daily check-ins and secure messaging, to easy, streamlined scheduling, our mobile app is the missing link.


Virtual Officer Visits From Anywhere

One-click video chat brings remote monitoring to your jurisdiction

Reconnect is excited to launch its new one-on-one video chat feature to help case managers stay in touch with the participants in their program without needing to leave their desktop.

Keeps case manager personal information private

No sharing your personal number or mixing business and personal messages.

Maintain the privacy of your case managers by giving them a full communication interface without having to share their personal contact information.

*Up to 1,000 free video calls between now and June 30, 2020.

Integrated communications in one app

No need to coordinate multiple apps, dashboards, or logins.

Your messaging and video chat come together in the same app as your violations, curfew checks, location monitoring, and reports.

Securely recorded videos

No losing conversations or forgetting what was said last time.

Built into the Reconnect communication suite are HIPAA-compliant, immutable text messages and secure recorded video conversations to ensure that there is a reproducible log of the interactions between your case managers and participants.

Free through the end of June 2020*

Then $5/participant/month to add video chat to your already lowest-cost in market drug randomization and participant monitoring platform.


Current Offerings

Secure video chat

Within Reconnect Community, case managers can initiate a video chat that participants answer just like a phone call. Video chats are automatically recorded, available for playback, HIPAA-compliant, and encrypted.

24/7 location monitoring

Monitor your clients through phone location and confirm their identity with biometric verification.

Scheduled and random location / curfew checks

Reconnect Community ensures your participants are where they’re supposed to be when they’re supposed to be there. Verify curfew compliance, AA/NA attendance and more without ever having to leave your desk.

Secure two-way messaging

Contacting participants has never been more secure. Our HIPAA-compliant messaging platform lets you send text messages back and forth with participants directly from our web interface. These messages are immutable, so they can’t be altered or deleted once sent.

Automated court and meeting reminders

Let Reconnect Community handle your reminders and reduce FTAs. Reconnect has a simple and intuitive calendar interface, and can integrate with your existing case management and court scheduling software.

Industry-leading drug test randomization

Our system has the flexibility to handle all your drug test randomization needs. From phases to multiple test types to true random and reduced test days, we have the most comprehensive and customizable randomizer in the industry.

Self report with anomaly flagging

Require regular self-report questionnaires,
and notify case managers immediately when
a participant is out of compliance or has life changes. Combine self reporting with our daily location checks and improve compliance with fewer in-person meetings.

Cell service

We’ll provide smartphone devices and service with a leading national provider, giving your participants reliable connectivity.


Coming Soon


Simply issue phone-connected breathalyzers to your participants and let Reconnect Community handle the rest. Our police-grade breathalyzers are only $99 up front and $1/day for monitoring.

Payment collection

We can collect monitoring fees, restitution payments, or just our Reconnect fees, all at no cost to your program.


Reconnect Community offers 24/7 hardware-based monitoring via ReconnectBand—a small, lightweight, tamper-proof ankle bracelet that minimizes the stigma attached to ankle monitors.


Why Reconnect?

Fighting incarceration and addiction with technology

Opioids kill more Americans every year than died in the entire Vietnam war. More people are incarcerated in the US than any other country in the world. Society needs better answers.

Reconnect is more than a better idea—decision makers across the country are quickly adopting our tools to unanimously positive feedback.