Connecting probation and participants from anywhere

Reconnect simplifies the connection between your staff and your participants, allowing your officers to do more in less time, remotely, with features like HIPAA-compliant video chat, secure messaging, remote location verification and home visits, self-report, and more.

“I tell everyone that I will probably quit my job if I have to go back to life before Reconnect.”

Ken T.

Drug Court Coordinator

“Not only does video supervision make probation officers more efficient, but if the individual being monitored is holding a device and I can talk to them on break, their job isn’t at risk. This is a win/win.”

Mike W.

Probation Director

“[Your video platform] is the easiest thing. I don’t know why I thought we needed an hour to learn that”

Claire F.

County Administrator

What We Do

Feature: Virtual Probation Meetings

At a time when people are being told to stay home, how do case managers meet with clients?  How does court get held?  What is your plan?

With secure video chat, you’re able to support your clients without needing to be in the same space.

This feature will eventually have an associated cost, but to help support our customers during this national crisis, we’re going to waive costs until June (up to 1,000 calls per program).  At that time, we’ll reach out to you to find out whether you’d like to keep it or not.

What we Do


Put compliance on auto-pilot

Your participants interact with Reconnect Community every day, and you get notified when there’s an issue. Late check in? Out after curfew? Didn’t go to their AA meeting? Positive breathalyzer? Your staff will be notified immediately.

Improve program outcomes

The strongest indicator of long-term success is program compliance— being where they’re supposed to be when they’re supposed to be there and checking in when they’re supposed to. We’ll notify you as soon as a participant starts to slip up so you can get them back on track quickly, freeing up your time to focus on clients who need extra support.

Reduce costs

Reconnect Community starts at under 20¢/day for daily check- ins, messaging, curfew checks, court reminders, drug test randomization, and more. Add a remote breathalyzer or an ankle monitor for just $1/day.

Integrate quickly

Reconnect Community has integrations ready to go with multiple case management solutions. We also have a fully documented data exchange so we can easily integrate with the tools you already use, including case management, court scheduling, and drug test lab information systems.

Public Benefit Corporation

Reconnect is a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC). This means that we put our mission into every decision we make as a company. Our mission is to have a positive impact on those who face addiction and who struggle within the criminal justice system, where we will promote the reduction of incarceration, the reduction of recidivism, and the reduction of costs, especially where those costs are borne by defendants in the system.

We’re here to help, not to saddle the most vulnerable members of society with untenable costs. We are using technology to restore communities and move forward together.